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human tetris

this is by far one of the funniest things i have seen in a while. if there was a show like this in the states, i would totally sign up.

turbotemplo with another winner...

dramatic look

submitted by thinkspill...

i'm just going to let this one speak for itself. just watch it. i guarantee you'll watch it at least a few times.


super safari

a pride of lions + a herd of buffalo + some crocodiles = awesome

turbotemplo gets two thumbs up for this one.

little big men

this is so cool.

it looks like it would be so much fun, to participate in and to watch...


old greg

all i can say is... wtf?

submitted by thinkspill. do i need to reformat my opinion of you? ::cough:: weirdo ::cough::


aphex twins visual

WARNING: may be considered inappropriate for work... and i wouldn't watch it if you get grossed out easy or don't like horror flicks.

i personally would not want to watch the first two minutes again because that was freaking creepy, but the rest was pretty brilliant. this is exactly what i would have pictured any number of aphex twins songs to look like in video form...

thanks to turbotemplo again for a great find.

natalie imbruglia's torn mime

i had seen David Armand's stand-up version of Natalie Imbruglia's Torn before, but this just takes the cake...

sound is definitely a requirement for this one.


the inner life of a cell

turbotemplo spotted this one.

i happened to be a bio major in college, so i found this particularly awesome. but, i'm hoping that those of you who maybe don't have a fanatical passion for weird little microscopic things can enjoy and appreciate this too.

ASIANS: The Asian Response to Asian Responders

This is hilarious if you're Asian-American, Hapa... or hell, even know an Asian guy.
It might go over your head if you're from the Midwest.

"Praise Be to Buddha"
Get with the plan, yo

deadly handsome men

wow. i haven't posted in a while.

this one ought to wake us all up a bit.


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