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bourne ultimatum

i saw this a while ago and just keep forgetting to post it... if you've seen any of the bourne movies, this is worth a watch.

from jimmy kimmel, guillermo stars as jason bourne in the new hit movie bourne ultimatum.

scary sheep

this cute vid was submitted by community member kanaetkassad.

poor little sheep. he hasn't a clue.

NOTE: best if viewed with sound for the full effect, but not absolutely necessary.


kitten surprise

this is fantastic.

watch the little kitty reactions at the end.


my early muir owl

best wedding proposal ever.

Guitar Tapping

26 year old Eric Mongrain from Montreal Canada.
When he was 14 he was inspired by Hendrix, Metallica, and Kurt Cobain, and started playing electric guitar. Four years later he discovered Bach and began playing classical acoustic. He has gone from playing in subways and street corners to now producing and selling his own music.

An incredible musician.

If you can appreciate this sort of thing, please also check out Andy Mckee.


How to escape a fart

This is a segment of a show instructing people on how to escape flatulence. Being that I work in an office environment, I found the end of this video especially funny. Unfortunately I am unable to understand what they are saying because it is in Japanese, but trust me, you'll get the point.

Holy Batty Batman!

Okay, This video is over nine minutes long and for some reason, I cannot stop watching every second of it! You will pretty much get the point of the video within the first 30 seconds. But regardless, I have been falling out of my chair laughing...



This video is safe for work. Simply amazing!
Apparently this was a robotics project started by SONY years ago. I'm not sure why, but the project was later shut down.

This is a clip of 4 QRIO's dancing. There are many more videos on YouTube of this cute little guy doing random things such as running, jumping, rollerskating, surfing, throwing a ball, performing Tai-Chi, composing an orchestra, and much more!


Power Thirst

If you ever wanted to run as fast as Kenyans, you'll need Power Thirst!

new moderator!

hey everyone,

just to let you know, i'm adding another moderator since i tend to get swamped with work and school and neglect this community a bit... and he's my room mate and bugs me when i don't post his vids fast enough. hehe.

so, welcome turbotemplo, who will be moderating alongside myself.

happy watching.


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